i was hungover last night, so i had to make french toast for dinner. here’s a recipe.
1/4 cup soy or nut milk
1/2 tablespoon whole grain flour
1/4 tablespoon agave
1/4 tablespoon nutritional yeast
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1-2 slices bread

whisk everything together, soak yr bread in it & throw it in a pan until golden brown. i put on a movie & completely forgot about mine, so that wasn’t super cool, but overall the experience was very good.

there’s a show happening tonight @ lunchbox records in charlotte. please ignore the fact that it’s not posted on lunchbox’s website, because the show is most definitely happening; i don’t have a job, so i know what it’s like to sit sedentary in front of a computer all day long doing nothing & still not bother to post the show up on yr venue’s website (i’m projecting, btw).

anyway, our friends alligator from st. augustine florida are playing, and they are AWESOME. did you ever turn to your two rad buds and say “hey brothers in surf, let’s be in a loud band. let’s manifest fun-ness. let’s also all be really good at music…” & then hi-5 to seal the deal? no? well alligator did, and it just so happened that this talk went down during the ONE week of the year when mercury’s NOT in fucking retrograde, so everybody really “got” what the one dude was saying. but seriously, if you’re an obnoxious asshole, they will push you in a pool (it’s a florida thing), and they don’t care if your $300 cellphone is in yr skinny gap jeans. so don’t be a turd.

thomas & noah & matt & neil from yardwork are in this new band called nelson, warner, berkau & young. from what i gather–through talking to thomas about the one time they had band practice & that other one time when they played that one show–they cover really good songs by bands like less than jake, ramones, violent femmes, & more, delivered with the vocal fury of maria callas, the inspired guitar wizardry of jimmy page & the seductive hooks of andrew lloyd webber.

also playing are the winslows, and i’m playing solo. i just played a wedding. the third in a year. i dressed up, and 8 or 9 different people said “wow. you look so………………..nice. i didn’t even………….RECOGNIZE you.” which of course prompted me to go swimming fully clothed, in some stuff that turned out to be waste treatment plant reuse water, which may be the *actual* cause of my hangover.