if you know me, then you know that “going on tour” is synonymous with “tour of food.” the grand canyon is beautiful, it’s true, but i was just wondering, you know, if they got any raw food restaurants around there…?

anyway, 2 days ago my mom & i decided to have a two-day raw food face stuffing fest, which would include waking up “whenever” & then driving 7 hours to florida to swim in the ocean & eat at the best raw food place i know of. we’re doing this because we’re both crazy, and because she’s raw & hasn’t eaten at a good raw place yet, and because summer is basically over so fuck it, fuck it all!!! last night i called the most well-connected dude in all of st. johns county, and he said, well, you oughta just play a show at the raw restaurant.

and so i am. tonight.

w/another guy, whose name i didn’t catch

RAW BURRITO & ICE CREAM BROWNIE SUNDAY HERE I COME!!!!!! i am so stoked to eat you!!! img_bannanasplit