i thought our Fest show was on Halloween, so before it got moved to Friday (<–deets coming soon, promise!) we took it upon ourselves to document the painstaking process of finding the perfect costumes.  thanks Blacksburg, yr a fun/cheap date.  anyway, whatever, we’re not playing on Halloween anymore, which is fine, except i sort of wish i hadn’t spent an hour of my precious life trying to figure out how to set up a poll on wordpress so that y’all could vote on yr favorite ones…

in upcoming news: DETAILS ON THE NEW RECORD; hilarious/ridiculous backing vocal situations one degree removed from Dethklok; des ark being danced to by a hot mama in radical queer porn (skate videos are cool, but i might actually *watch* this one); scoring documentaries, maybe-ish; what i had for dinner tonight/my friends in richmond are beautiful.

i don’t have time for all that shit right now, because some crazy richmond women are waking my ass up at the crack of dawn to go running.  but for dinner we had stuffed green peppers & they kind of sucked but will definitely rule tomorrow.

get some bulk black eyed peas & throw them in a pot with 3 or 4x the amt of water.  eventually you’ll want to add chopped purple cabbage, mung beans & bragg’s/soy sauce to taste.  maybe a little bit of black pepper.  cook it till mushy.  in a bowl, mix yr concoction together with cooked brown rice, chopped walnuts, fresh sage/thyme/rosemary/basil from emily’s garden, yr mom’s juicy garden ripe tomato, onion, garlic & cat hair…and stuff them into emily’s beautiful green peppers.  bake @ 350 until kendel arrives & you’ve finished the bottle of wine/an episode of true blood/it looks like they will definitely burn if you forget them in the oven one more time.  meanwhile, cut up a bunch of kale for raw kale salad, but then don’t make it.  put it in a tupperware for tomorrow instead.  make A LOT of dishes.   cut up some apples for a makeshift sugar-free apple strudel, and then be like, uhhhh, fuck this i heard they’ve got vegan mexican chocolate pie at ipanema’s god sugar is the devil.

more about that other stuff some other day.

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