i’m thinking i will start a charity for those inclined to donate their cold hard cash to something utterly unrighteous.  for instance, my personal transportation needs.

my car is a dead.  well, technically it still runs, but the important thing to know is that i have to get a new car.  and as much as i want to, i’m not gonna sit here & think up some disgusting tasteless metaphor about what it’s like to watch yr partner in crime get kicked off its last leg.  instead, i’m going to do what any other normal depressed person would do: ignore all my phone calls & eat ice cream.

this whole dead car thing puts a real heavy wrench in my, like, “oooeeeee, i’m on a VISIONQUEST!! i am smart & amazing & i tricked the world into letting me quit my job & now i am my own fuckin boss!  i say yes to every show cuz i ain’t gotta ask nooooooooooobody.  me & my little car, we go everywhere.  i say–hey aimée, you wanna play this thing? and i’m like, hell yes, i would, thank you for asking so politely.  BOOY’ALL!!!” plan.  either way, tour starts tomorrow.  it will be a true pain in the ass to get there, but i’ve got tricks.  & the rest of tour is with the band, so it’s vanward bound from that point on.

anyway, shit will get worked.  i believe in magic.  & mostly i just needed to complain a little bit, on the internet, where it’s like you can complain all you want to & nobody is listening.  what a beautiful thing.