des ark, solo w/help from pygmy lusher
w/Ben Davis & The Jetts
Minor Stars
@ Big Bear Cafe, 1700 1st St. NW, Washington DC

for a while there i fell into an uncomfortable downward spiral of writing well-adjusted easy going solo songs, until eventually all the lighthearted happiness started totally bumming me out. i’m referring to the unstoppable tornado of explosive creative proliferation with which i was wowing audiences worldwide, last year, 2009, when i wrote all of two songs, one for every 6 months, those two songs in major key where i sounded really bored, because well let’s face it, i was boring myself to death with all the relaxed self-acceptance.

but now i got a pile of new songs, and these new ones, they’re nothing like those two old ones. they’re fucking sad, & so i’m just writing to let you know that everything is going to be ok, that everything is back to normal. i’m done wasting your time with that sappy happy crap, kicked the bug from my system. i’m playing real songs again. it is time to fucking cry, y’all!

also: tune in to WXDU 88.7fm (durham, nc) on sunday @ 4pm to hear a live on-air performance!