while i can’t manage to update any tour dates on here, i did get a twitter acct: twitter.com/desark. so far i’ve posted a lot of bullshit inside jokes, if that kind of thing interests you.

the new record is in its final stages!!! lovitt records will be releasing our first full-length since 2005’s LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS this april/may; it’s called DON’T ROCK THE BOAT, SINK THE FUCKER. recorded by jonathan fuller (engine down/sleepytime trio/denali) at black iris & kurt ballou (converge) at godcity, featuring the ridiculously talented ashley arnwine on loud drums & ridiculously metered jonathan fuller on quiet drums, plus the ridiculously zen noah howard on guitar.

track listing:
My Saddle Is Waitin’ (C’mon Jump On It)
Girls Get Ruff
Bonne Chance, Asshole
Ashley’s Song
Howard’s Hour of Shower
It’s Only A Bargain If You Want It
Two Hearts Are Better Than One

in the meantime, you can look forward to volume 3 of the solo WXDU sessions, recorded a couple of weeks ago by Ross Grady. i’m still editing out all the talking in garage band (sorry cantwell), and figuring out how to magically burn CDs with my mind, since my computer’s CD burner broke last week. ???

also, check out converge’s new record AXE TO FALL; i added some backing vocals to the song “Cruel Bloom.” you can’t really hear them, but you can take pleasure (as i did) in knowing i sang the most metal lyrics ever, including such phrases as “lifelong victims pound and claw at the ground” & “writhe in the cruel bloom.” writhe, people, i got to sing the word writhe.

from the jan15 show with ben davis: