gotta love updated tour dates, after tour starts. classic argote!

i’m running late, i gotta get my shit together & go somewhere, but i just want to say that i love solo tour. i mean, all the freaking out about how it’s going to suck when i play with a million hulking loud hesher bands who wanna kick my ass and how all that time alone in the car is way too much time alone with my brain and how i feel bad about myself for being too broke to replace the stereo in my car and that i’m smart enough to know there’s no way that my makeshift, fuse-blowing earbuds-into-laptop-into-power-supply-into-cigarette-adaptor stereo system will end well. but then none of those things happen, and the heshers and i totally are like, hi-fiving, sometimes i even slap myself when i’m meeting their moms, their sweet docile cats, like “why am i such a fucking asshole, weighing myself down with all my incorrect hypothesis…”

because the thing is, solo tour provides a unique opportunity for existing as yr ultimate free agent; get in to as much trouble as you want, no rules, nobody telling you “you can’t do that!”, all the weird crazy raw vegan food you want, as many rollercoaster rides as you can handle, yr old fart friends, new buddies, you take care of yourself & yr body because you know yr all you got. it’s a fucking beautiful thing. so…….i hope to see you there.

after this is over, i go to NC to work my mom’s radical fucking crepe truck, then to salem, ma to lend some vocals to my favorite band’s new record, then it’s off to europe for three months of tour & travel.

and i want to say, too, thanks for having me. there’s nothing i’d rather be doing today.

09.17 [solo] BETHLEHEM PA @ SECRET ART SPACE // with hop along, post post
09.18 [solo] NEW BRUNSWICK NJ @ LITTLE RICHARD’S // 25 Dix St // 6pm
09.19 [solo] SYRACUSE NY @ WESTSCOTT COMMUNITY CENTER // 826 Euclid Ave // 6pm
09.20 [solo] NYC NY @ THE PARTY XPO // 8pm
09.21 [solo] PROVIDENCE RI @ AS220 // 115 Empire St // with whore paint
09.22 [solo] EAST HAMPTON MA @ FLYWHEEL // with Certain Death, Animal Lover, Daniel Striped Tiger // 7pm
09.23 [solo] NEW HAVEN CT @ POPEYE’S GARAGE // 50 Goffe St // with The Book Slave, Psychic Abuse, and Neurospora // 7pm
09.24 [solo] SCRANTON PA @ EMBASSY VINYL // 352 Adams Ave // 8pm
09.25 [solo] PHILADELPHIA PA @ GRINDCORE HOUSE with Hop Along Queen Ansleis // 8:30
09.26 [solo] BALTIMORE MD @ CHARM CITY ARTSPACE // with let’s, boys and sex, boy friends // 8pm
09.27 [solo] WILLIAMSTOWN NJ @ 1619 HOUSE // 1619 Herbert Blvd //7