i get the feeling some of you are starting to freak out about how much you miss me, so here’s a rundown of my day: touched a stalactite (aaaaand a stalagmite!), was nearly impaled by a giant cliff-hanging icicle, then i licked an icicle that was half my size, stood like forever in awe of a meter high pile of bat shit, stole something from nature that i probably wasn’t supposed to, caught a feather in the slovenian air, made plans to ride a rollercoaster tomorrow am. things took a turn for the way worse when, due to a prolonged lapse in sleep, i made the major mistake decision to force feed myself lethal doses of sugar and coffee at the same time (by lethal i mean “barely any”), after which i tried to pick a fight with two enormously giganticly enormous men on the street in vienna, and learned my favorite austrian rollercoaster is closed for the winter. but then i gave myself a pep talk in the bathroom and played a fun show, and now i’m almost back to normal.

i’m in a new band with al. we’re called banter band, and if you thought the talking in-between songs at des ark shows was unbearable…well…you ain’t seen shit.